I Am Not Alone

Sometimes we create art for fun. Sometimes it’s for homework or money. Sometimes we make art in remembrance, joy, sorrow, etc.  

Sometimes we make art because we don’t know how else to open up our heart and let out the hardest emotions to face. I’m sure you know the emotions I’m talking about. The why-is-this-happening-to-me, no one-could-ever-understand-what-I’m-going-through, angry at God kind. 


Today, I learned some tough news about someone I care about. 

All I wanted to do was reach out, turn back time and use it more wisely with them, find some way to make the situation suck less. But I can’t. 

So instead I went home, told Alexa to play my worship playlist, and let God choose the tracks I needed to hear. 

Within seconds, the music flooding my soul was so powerfully and painfully exactly the message I needed to hear. I can think of few moments in my life that were so overwhelming that I fell to the ground and cried. It was all I could muster to ask for guidance, hope and strength for myself, but more so for those I know that need it most. 

Since high school, I’ve used music as a source for my art. Back then, it was how I doodled during class and created textures and even portraits. In the piece shared above I used the three songs that brought me to my knees. For me, writing out the lyrics of a song that touched my heart is just another way for me to draw the connection to it. 

Life can be incredibly challenging sometimes. My advice? Love each other. Make the most of the time you have on this rock and leave no stone unturned. You never know when you’re going to end up crumpled on the floor with nothing left but a prayer, faith, and the air you breath.