Sometimes Getting Started is the Hardest Part

Have you ever been about to make some huge changes in your life and feel like you’re being held in one spot by 800lb steel blocks on each foot? And you swallow so many times you feel like you have a bobber in your throat? 

That is where I am right now friends. Getting married was only the beginning. Change is flying at me like a runaway train and all I can do is brace for impact. 

One comfort is knowing that most of this change is self inflicted. So maybe it’s less like I’m going to be hit by a train and more like I’m going to have a small alien burst out of my abdomen just before Will Smith shows up and shines a light in my eyes.  

Now that the wedding has come and almost gone, I decided that it is time to start redirecting my attention back on myself. I was so busy making sure our day was perfect for everyone, that I completely stopped allowing myself time to take care of myself. Instead I ate whatever was easy, stopped cooking real meals, prioritized everything except for exercise or even movement, and stopped taking the stairs or even walking when I had breaks at work. Following the honeymoon, I’ll be making a change in my life for the better! No more crappy food, laziness, or stress over nothing. 

I’m sure you’ve guessed that this is something new as well. Not only am I trying to be more conscious of posting more of my work, but I’m trying to write about it. To become a better writer you have to write...

I hope to continue exploring my relationships with other people and expressing my feelings to them more frequently. Everyone I love should know that I love them, so I am going to make sure they do! 

It is my goal to send inquiries to illustration firms and book publishers this year as well and begin to build up a business for myself and my future family.  

Who knows? Maybe I’ll even have a small alien baby ripping its way into this world this year or I’ll move to another state. I’m tightening my grip in anticipation for anything.

NOTE: While this has all the makings of a “resolution” I’m not gonna call it that- because resolutions are just like rules. They were made to be broken.